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      Recommended Suppliers

      • Star CorporationInquire Now

        Specialized in functional high quality mirrors

        Contact Person: Ms. Lee, Cecilia, Manager

      • DSP Co. LtdInquire Now

        Specialized in surface treatment from 1998

        Contact Person: Ms. Jang, Sua, Deputy Manager

      • HOME-CERAInquire Now

        Engaged in ceramic sterilization since 2013

        Key Contact Person: Mr. Yang Jung Hee, CEO

      • KEM Co. LtdInquire Now

        Specialized functional film manufacturer; 3 factories in South Korea

        Key Contact Person: Mr. Jeff Lee, General Manager

      • N15Inquire Now

        Hardware Accelerator and TIPS Operator

        Key Contact Person: Mr. Youngbin Kim, Director

      • Mobistar CorporationInquire Now

        Specialized in Healthcare Product / uv / air purifier / sterilizer

        Key Contact Person: Mr. Chung, Hyun Jong, President

      • Union Elecom Co LtdInquire Now

        Providing electric power and electronic part solutions since 1999

        Key Contact Person: Mr. Hwang, Chloe, Assistant Manager

      • POPPHONE Co LtdInquire Now

        Specialized in mobile phone peripherals

        Key Contact Person: Mr. Joo, CEO

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      Please reach out to Ms. Kwon Yueun if you want to promote your products on this page.
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