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      Global Sources App

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      Search for millions of products at your fingertips

      Find products and suppliers on the go.

      Discover the latest product news, trends and bestsellers.

      Plus, submit buying requests to receive and compare quotations.

      Contact the supplier for product information

      Manage quotations and inquiries anytime, anywhere.

      Chat with suppliers through text, voice or video.

      Discover the latest products from your favorite suppliers

      Follow suppliers and stay up-to-date with their latest releases.

      Plus, get product recommendations based on your favorite products and suppliers.

      Transact with Verified Suppliers anytime, anywhere

      Place orders with suppliers directly from your mobile device.

      Check the status and get full information for each order.

      Better Trade Show Experience with the App

      Search products and exhibitors at Global Sources trade shows.

      Pre-register for Global Sources trade shows and carry your trade show confirmation and e-badge in the app.

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