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      Our Services - We help global buyers find and meet reliable exporters from China & Asia
      To find potential suppliers, use www.kansascity-injurylawyers.com -- or our print magazines, e-magazines, online trade shows, Private Sourcing Events and trade shows.

      However, you also need to meet suppliers to determine if they really understand what you need, and to touch and feel their products.

      To meet potential suppliers, visit our Global Sources Exhibitions held in Hong Kong SAR.

      Now in our fifth decade of connecting suppliers with buyers, we are committed to helping you develop profitable relationships with reliable suppliers from China and throughout Asia.

      Across 16 product verticals we offer you the industry's broadest range of media so that you can find and meet suppliers when, where and how you choose.

      Reliable exporters - Find them and meet them

      Watch this video to see how Global Sources can help you source more confidently!

      Online Print Face-to-face

      Search our comprehensive listing of products from verified and unverified suppliers:

      Product Alerts

      Get e-mail updates on new products, suppliers and industry news in your chosen categories.


      Or, register here to enjoy ALL Global Sources free services. including Product Alerts:

      • Request sourcing e-magazines
      • Send inquiries direct to suppliers
      • Download supplier catalogs and white papers
      • Get your personalized Product Alert homepage
      GlobalSources.com app
      Access our integrated sourcing solutions through your mobile devices to find tradeshow information and suppliers on the go.

      Available on iOS and Andriod.
      Download now.

      Sourcing Magazines

      The essential guide for top products from reliable suppliers. Available in 8 industry-specific titles.

      Sourcing e-Magazines

      The essential guide for top products from reliable suppliers. Available in 10 industry-specific titles.

      Magazines are avabilable in English only.
      Online Developing Country Sourcing Reports

      Step inside real China and Asia factories to source from verified suppliers. Get in-depth profiles of key manufacturers and specifications for popular export products.

      Global Sources Exhibitions

      Held in 2 key locations worldwide, these huge sourcing events let you meet face-to-face with qualified suppliers.

      Find out more about Global Sources Exhibitions

      Private Sourcing Events

      Attend an exclusive session with up to 12 shortlisted verified suppliers in your own private conference room.